IT Staffing

Xcelsius is a premier provider of IT staffing solutions to Fortune 500 customers. Whether it is providing just a few resources or staffing entire project teams involving hundreds of resources, Xcelsius’s IT staffing solutions helps clients with the right talent, skills and competencies when they need them.

​We provide clients exceptional IT talent to meet their demanding technology initiatives at both local and national levels. Xcelsius exceeds client expectations through highly effective processes for recruiting, screening, testing, and talent engagement. Our commitment to servicing our clients is evident by repeat business from existing clients.

Why Xcelsius?

Xcelsius has been delivering high quality, competitively priced IT talent resources. We have flexible delivery models ranging from contract, contract to hire and direct placement to Statement of Work assignments. We understand that our clients have tight IT project deadlines and they are under constant pressure to deliver within budget. Our services help clients to meet today’s challenges created by the ever changing business environment.“If you need great IT talent at an affordable cost and delivered on time to assist you with your critical IT projects, we are your solution”.

Our Approach

We explore, develop, identify and adopt new ways to deliver IT resources to our clients in order to meet their business objectives. Xcelsius has built a world class Recruiting Engine to build a talent bench of pre-screened candidates available for rapid placement. This talent acquisition model encompasses a sophisticated resource management database and a centralized quick response team specialized in sourcing and qualifying the best candidates through best practices. Based on our knowledge of client needs and the skills they typically require, we identify and deliver the finest candidates available through a comprehensive, five-step recruiting process; Planning, Sourcing, Qualification, Closing and On-Boarding. Xcelsius has experience scaling up the teams by working closely with our clients for rapid placements.“You want the best IT talent at the lowest cost possible? We understand. We have made it our mission to meet and exceed your expectations”.